Solar Turbines Coke Oven Gas Video

July 5th, 2012

100 ACRE FILMS recently completed editing on a video for Solar Turbines. They brought us on board to help them with a short video describing how a steel manufacturing plant in China is able to harness coke oven gas, a byproduct in the coke manufacturing process, to be used as gas turbine fuel.

Solar Turbines provided the footage which was shot in China with a Chinese crew on a DSLR camera. They also provided the computer animation that shows how the gas powers the turbine. One interesting thing of note was that the footage from China was shot at 25p, and the computer animation was provided as a ProRes file at 29.97. We had to run the 29.97 through After Effects to convert it to 25p.

Magic Bullet Looks was used to treat much of the video, and Warp Stabilizer was used to stabilize some of the tracking shots. The video was edited entirely in Premiere Pro CS6, and After Effects CS6 was used for the text animations.


One Response to “Solar Turbines Coke Oven Gas Video”

  1. January 07, 2013 at 7:07 pm, enphase m215 said:

    Excellent film. Thank you for helping save our Earth.