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Founded in 2003 by Eric Addison, 100 ACRE FILMS has worked for people with big dreams, companies both small and large, and a variety of creative folk striving to leave their mark on the world. Along the way, we’ve worked with some really great clients, won a few awards, and done a lot of work we’re really proud of.


100 ACRE FILMS believes that everyone has a story to tell, and we’re here to help you find the words and compose the images that together convey your message to the world in a powerfully moving way. We believe collaboration is the key to any creative process, and we’ll work with you to shape your vision and see it become reality. From corporate video to commercials to web based video, we can help you through the entire production process.

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Our Process


Everything starts here – no project can exist without a script. Our talented writers will help you put together the words that describe your vision, and then create the outline of images that will be your video.


We’re in the business of capturing images. Our experienced crew use the latest camera and lighting technology to make sure the images are stunning.


Editing is where the story is built, and our award winning editors can help you create your message. From motion graphics to green screen compositing to color correction, we’ll make your video stand out.