March 17th, 2010

Welcome to the new 100 ACRE FILMS blog! You may be thinking, “Didn’t you have a blog?” Well, I did. But it was someplace else, and in the spirit of keeping things simple, I’ve moved the blog here on the company website so you could find it easier. The other page is still up, and if you’d like, you can go there and read past posts, but starting today everything will be here.

Just what do I have in store for this blog? First and foremost, I want it to be a place where I can interact more with you the readers, and where I can quickly post work that 100 ACRE FILMS creates. I want it to be a place where I can share about how I create some of the work I do, and share more about the products I use. It’s where clients and production people can come to see what I’ve got going on, as well as my take on the industry – both the video production industry as well as Hollywood.

Video/film production is an ever changing field – technology is improving and making things easier and quicker, but the art and creativity behind the work is still something that some people don’t grasp. I get many calls from prospective clients who want a video with Hollywood production values at a price that wouldn’t buy a used 1988 Yugo with 100,000 miles (no offense to anyone who owns a Yugo!). Creating the work that we professionals do is often tough. Even though the computers we use have gotten faster and the cameras provide sharper images, how to best use those tools is still something that takes experience along with a very creative eye. And I would hope that this blog would be able to shed a little light on that. I want to show just what goes into creating the work…you may not see the hours I spent literally throwing a ball against the wall thinking of how best to do something, but I would hope that you will see a little more of the process it takes to create something that only sometimes last a few minutes or even seconds.

One last thing I want is for this to be a place where I can show more of my creative side. So much of what I do is for other people, creating work that I’m very proud of, but doesn’t always allow “Eric Addison” to come through. I want to show that here. For those that don’t know, my ultimate vision for 100 ACRE FILMS (and me personally) is to be making feature films. I’ll still want to play in the corporate and commercial video world, but telling my stories is where my passion really lies.

So welcome to the start of a new journey. I really hope you come back and visit often. I hope that you gain something from the stories and information posted here. I hope that the videos and information inspires you to create and express yourself no matter what field you’re in. And I hope that you take an active role – don’t just read the posts, but respond back…start a dialogue. Let me know what you’re thinking. With that, let’s get started!

(You know, if I were you, I’d just go ahead and bookmark it now…go ahead, I’ll wait….there, that was easy!)

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