Tattoo School Promo Video

November 5th, 2010

I got a call from Jill Addison over at, and she wanted to know if 100 ACRE FILMS would be interested in working with her on a video spot to promote the Tatto Artist Techincal Training School here in San Diego. She would handle the script writing and serve as producer, while 100 ACRE FILMS would take care of the shoot and edit.

Of course we agreed – how could we say no to her?

We shot the video at the school, and got students and instructors to show up. The shoot went very smooth. Everyone there was great to work with, and had a lot of patience as shoot days can often be long and boring.

We shot everything in HD with the Panasonic HMC-150. If you’ve never shot with that camera, check it out. Shooting AVCHD (at 24 mbs) at 1080/24p,  it captures a great looking image. I love my Sony EX-3, but I’d take the 150 out anytime if I needed a smaller camera. We also used it because it fits the teleprompter that Jill Addison uses on her shoots.

In post, the spot was cut in Premiere Pro CS5, with the animation work done in After Effects CS5. I used some flourish animations from Video Co-Pilot’s Evolution set, as well as some from Digital Juice’s Motion Designer Toolkit #1.  The footage was treated with Magic Bullet Looks, using a custom setting for interview footage and a different one for B-Roll. The music track came from the Smartsound library. For output, we created a H.264 file for upload to YouTube, as well as a DVD.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Tattoo Artist, you should really check out the Tattoo Artist Technical Training School. They’ve got a great program with friendly instructors. Visit their website at

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