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We at 100 ACRE FILMS have been very busy as of late. With shoots both local, out of state, as well as international, it’s been a bit hectic. But we wanted to share a couple of videos we’ve recently completed. First up is a project we finished up last month for the Qualcomm Careers team. […]

Some Recent Work…

Back in October of last year, the 100 ACRE FILMS team was off to Boulder, Colorado to start production on a video for our good friends at Illumina. If you’ve never heard of San Diego based Illumina – don’t worry…you will. Their technology and innovation in genomics is going to have a huge impact on […]

American Gut Project Video

A conversation came up on Twitter the other day about things that shooters do that drive video editors crazy. In my years of shooting video, I’ve learned that there are two ways to shoot – one if I’m doing the editing, and one if someone else is. When I’m shooting, I usually know how the […]

Things Editors Want Shooters to Remember…

Recently, 100 ACRE FILMS finished work on some projects for Your Social Marketer and the UP2US campaign for the County of San Diego Health and Human Services. We did the editing on a number of videos that tell personal stories of how some overcame obstacles and personal struggles in the hopes of finding a better […]

Digital Story Videos

With the release of Premiere Pro CS6, there’s been a lot of talk about some of the amazing new features to make editing more efficient. But there are some lesser talked about new features that can really help you edit faster. While I’ve done some short video tutorials for individuals, I’ve never done one like […]

Premiere Pro CS6 New Features You May Have Missed

Adobe recently announced the new CS6 versions of its production tools. 100 ACRE FILMS has been an all Adobe shop since it started, and we’re very excited about what’s included in the latest versions. Adobe took a strong toolset and made them even more powerful and user friendly. We got an advanced look, and a […]

Hello, Premiere Pro CS6

100 ACRE FILMS is proud to present our 2012 demo reel. We spent some time the past couple months going through all our projects over the last year, and we pulled some of our favorite clips to include. It was fun going back through and looking at all of them again – we worked on […]

The 2012 100 ACRE FILMS Demo Reel

Last month, Qualcomm called and wanted 100 ACRE FILMS to help them put together a short video highlighting many of the exhibitors at their booth during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We packed up the gear, and headed to Las Vegas for the one day shoot. Laura and Kate did a great job […]

Qualcomm CES 2011 Video

I got a call from Jill Addison over at JillAddison.com, and she wanted to know if 100 ACRE FILMS would be interested in working with her on a video spot to promote the Tatto Artist Techincal Training School here in San Diego. She would handle the script writing and serve as producer, while 100 ACRE FILMS […]

Tattoo School Promo Video

A couple months back, Qualcomm (who’s one of our favorite clients) called on 100 ACRE FILMS to help them put some video clips together for their recruiting department. They had staff shoot interviews with other employees using HD Flip Cameras, and they asked questions regarding the interview process. Even if you’re not looking for a job from Qualcomm, these are some great […]

Interview Tips Video Project for Qualcomm

Awhile back, author and cyber security guru Dave Rice, called up 100 ACRE FILMS and asked if we could do a very simple video project for him. I told him that whatever he needed we’d do for him. His book, Geekonomics, is on the book shelf here at 100 ACRE FLMS HQ, and if you […]

Geekonomics Presentation…

Years ago I was a film student at SDSU, where our days were spent watching movies, talking about movies, making short films, and attempting to get dates…most of us had success with doing all of those except the last. The summer before my senior year, I was very fortunate and blessed to have been able […]

A Look Back…