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At 100 ACRE FILMS, we pretty much shoot everything in Log format – specifically S-Log or C-Log depending on the camera. Many ask why when it creates extra work in post production. The reasons are many – we like the look, the latitude it gives us in color grading, and the ability to save a […]

Why We Shoot in Log Format

100 Acre Films recently completed a promotional spot to highlight one of our client’s internship program. As one of San Diego’s busiest video production companies, we get calls for videos like this all the time. They are always fun to work on. This spot was shot over 6 days spread out over two months. One of […]

Corporate Intern Program Video

Recently, 100 ACRE FILMS had the chance to work with the amazing folks at the Hazelden Betty Ford Center on a couple commercial spots. We’ve worked with them in the past on projects, and so the chance to work with them again was an opportunity we jumped at. The tricky part was we had really […]

Commercial Spots

4K – it’s all the rage these days. A lot of production people are moving more and more towards it. Whether it’ll be accepted by the broadcast community or not (they may be waiting for 8K), one thing is certain – 4K is here, and we’re even able to shoot it on our phones now! […]

Transitioning to 4K (part 1)

100 ACRE FILMS recently completed production of six short videos produced to talk about the advances in IVF and genomic technologies, and how preimplantation genetic screening is playing a key role in helping woman get pregnant through IVF. Here are two of the finished videos.

Recent Project Update

100 ACRE FILMS, one of San Diego’s leading video production companies, is proud to showcase one of it’s latest projects. ID Analytics called on us late last year to create a video to show at their upcoming all-hands meeting. They wanted something to show what they believed in as a company – where they saw […]

Corporate ID Promo…

From all of us at 100 ACRE FILMS, thank you to all our clients for making 2014 a wonderful and productive year. We looking forward to working with you all in 2015 to help tell your stories. And we’re excited about all the new folks we’ll meet and get creative with!

Happy New Years!

We at 100 ACRE FILMS have been very busy as of late. With shoots both local, out of state, as well as international, it’s been a bit hectic. But we wanted to share a couple of videos we’ve recently completed. First up is a project we finished up last month for the Qualcomm Careers team. […]

Some Recent Work…

Recently the 100 ACRE FILMS team did a shoot in Mexicali, Mexico. Before going down, we asked a lot of questions about taking our video gear down across the border. What we found was a lot of different opinions – some saying we didn’t need to do anything, some saying we needed to get an […]

Crossing the Border with Video Equipment

Back in October of last year, the 100 ACRE FILMS team was off to Boulder, Colorado to start production on a video for our good friends at Illumina. If you’ve never heard of San Diego based Illumina – don’t worry…you will. Their technology and innovation in genomics is going to have a huge impact on […]

American Gut Project Video

Here’s a recent project we completed for a very good cause and event. This video was produced by 100 ACRE FILMS to promote the annual 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. The event is designed to serve as a reminder and tribute to all those who gave their lives on 9/11. It’s a great event, and for […]

Stairclimb Promo Video

One of the nice things about being a San Diego video production is that we live and work near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We bought a new lens and thought we’d give it try on the Sony FS700 camera, so we took them both down to La Jolla and grabbed […]

Camera Test at the Beach