Some Recent Work…

October 18th, 2014

We at 100 ACRE FILMS have been very busy as of late. With shoots both local, out of state, as well as international, it’s been a bit hectic. But we wanted to share a couple of videos we’ve recently completed.

First up is a project we finished up last month for the Qualcomm Careers team. The video is to promote their internal program to help employees get “In the Zone” and find where they best fit it at work. We did a one day shoot, interviewing a number of employees, and shooting some b-roll as well. Everything was shot with the FS700 with the exception of some of the b-roll shots which were shot with a EX3. Editing was done in Premiere Pro CC.

Second is a project for Illumina. The video is to highlight some of their technology in helping with pregnancy. We shot the video in a half day, using a teleprompter and Camtasia for the screen capture. Jill Addison (from was kind enough to join us help with the teleprompter. As with the other shoot, the FS700 was the camera of choice, and everything was edited in Premiere Pro CC.

If you’re looking to have a video produced, even if you’re not in the San Diego area, call us to see if we can you.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

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