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May 25th, 2010

There are many reasons you may be at this site. Maybe you’re checking out our work, maybe you’re a regular reading my latest post, or maybe you’ve just somehow found your way here and decided to see what we had going on. As the owner of 100 ACRE FILMS, I’m in the hopes that it’s because you’re considering us to help you create a video. If that’s the case, let’s chat about a few things.

To start with, I realize that you’ll probably visit lots of different sites looking for the right production company. You’ll watch lots of demo reels, read about equipment and software used by the company, read a little bit (or a lot) about the company’s background, see a list of awards, and maybe see some samples of their work. All of that is good information, and they should all play a role in your decision.

But two of the biggest factors I’ve found you should consider aren’t on this list. The first is relationship. A good number of 100 ACRE FILMS clients are repeat clients. They are people and companies that have grown to trust us with their projects. And I can honestly say that there isn’t one that I don’t look forward to working with. And while you may already have a relationship with another company (and that’s fine with me), I’d ask you to give us a chance. I fully understand going with someone you know. There’s a level of comfort there. But sometimes, it’s also good to try new things!

One of the things I try to do when I work with someone for the first time is get to know them. While I am always mindful to keep a proper client/vendor relationship, I really strive to get to know my clients as people. By knowing more about them, it helps me tailor my working style to better suit their needs. Some are more relaxed, while others like to be kept in the loop about every detail. I have clients that like to be there for the entire shoot and edit – others just trust me and want to see my first cut. Everyone is different, and I always try to make sure that I’m meeting that individual’s needs.

The next thing that’s not on that list is cost. Most companies don’t include prices on their websites. I can’t speak for others, but I know for 100 ACRE FILMS the reason is simple – every project is unique. I get a lot of calls asking me how much it costs to make a video. People seem surprised that I don’t have some standard price to give them. I usually relate it to buying a car – do you want air conditioning, power windows, sunroof? All of those impact the final cost – video production is no different. Do you want it shot in High Definition or Standard Definition? Do you need a teleprompter, script written, animated graphics, or a crane shot? All those factor into the total cost.

The technology we use to create videos is changing all the time. Cameras are getting smaller, laptops are now able to edit HD video, and the internet has made viewing and reviewing projects easier and quicker. And while it’s easy to find someone with a low cost to create your video, do you really want to trust your message to the lowest bidder? As someone who went to film school, I can tell you with all sincerity that hiring me then to do the level of work I do now would have been a mistake. I wasn’t ready, didn’t have the experience, and didn’t have the creative mojo to make it all happen. That all came with time and experience.

But yet many today look for the creative entity that charges the least. They are willing to entrust their video, their message to the world, to someone who may be charging less because they lack the experience, the quality equipment, and the creativity to provide you with a polished piece that best reflects your vision. Creating video isn’t cheap to do – the software and the computers needed to edit HD video smoothly are still expensive. While you can buy a small HD camera that fits in the palm of your hand, that camera won’t get you the same image quality as one that a professional uses. And does that camera operator know how to light and frame a shot? Just because you have Word on your computer doesn’t make you Hemingway. It can take years to become really skilled with these tools. And I haven’t even mentioned the hardest part – the thing that is really where it all starts… imagination. It’s from there that great ideas spring forth, and without it your video is just going to be just another video in a sea of images out there. How do you put a price on that?

There are many talented people working in this town – I work with a number of them. Some of them work for other companies. And I don’t have any problem recommending them if we can’t take on your project. But my plea to you is to not just go with someone because they have the lowest cost. I realize that the economy isn’t what it used to be – times are tough for everyone. But when you are using video to find new clients, sell your product, or deliver your message, make sure that you find a creative partner with experience. That old saying about making a first impression is so very true. Do you really want people turning off or clicking away from your video because it wasn’t bright enough, had dated or uninteresting graphics, audio that’s too loud or soft, or just as an overall dull look?

In the world we live in, video is becoming more and more accessible and used. Last year, over 10 billion watched videos online…10 BILLION! Your video has the possibility to be viewed by a global audience of billions. Make sure that your project is in good hands. Make sure that whoever you’re working with has the imagination and the skills to deliver your message clearly, effectively, and creatively. Our slogan here at 100 ACRE FILMS is “Realize your vision”. Our goal is to help you bring to life the creative message and vision you want to share with the world. Let us know if we can help you.

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