Comic-Con 2014

Last year at Comic-Con, I ended up waiting in line for HOURS attempting to get into two panels. I waited a combined total of seven hours, and didn’t get into either. I got somewhat close for one – no where near close for the other.

But as I stood in line, I had my iPod to keep me company. I decided to listen to my all time favorite album – Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. If you’re not familiar with it, the concept of the album is madness. Each song is about something that can drive people insane – time, money, war, death, etc. One song, The Great Gig in the Sky, is an instrumental that just has a female vocal over it. While she’s not really screaming, she’s not really singing either…I’m sure there’s some musical term for it , I just don’t know it.

Anyways, as I stood listening to this song, watching all the people walking by me in their outfits, it became the perfect soundtrack – the perfect background music for a video showing some of what Comic-Con is.

I shot everything with the FS700 in either 120 or 240 frames per second. I used the Canon 24-105 zoom lens, which is a f4 lens, and inside the convention center shooting at those high frame rates, I had to bump up the ISO to 4000. Editing was done in Premiere Pro, and the color correction was done with all the native tools inside Premiere.

My goal was to show what it’s like walking around the convention. I really didn’t want people to pose for me, although some did. I wanted the viewer to feel what it’s like walking around in that sea of people, catching glimpses of people in outrageous outfits. Because honestly, that’s how it is sometimes – you have to look through a crowd to try and see the person (or people) walking 10 feet(or less sometimes) away. They say 130,000 people attend this thing…it’s HUGE! And the crowds can feel overwhelming at times.

I would have liked to spend some more time shooting, editing, and color grading, but I wanted to get it posted before the last day of Comic-Con. I may come back to it later as I want to test out something new on it…can’t say what that is (yet), but let’s just say it’s new!

Hope you enjoy the video!