CBIZ Special Risk Video Opening

June 25th, 2010

Recently, 100 ACRE FILMS, did some video projects for CBIZ Special Risk. One of the videos they wanted was titled Tim Unplugged. Tim Moynihan, CEO of CBIZ Special Risk, wanted to do a series of short videos where he could speak to his clients in a direct way about one topic. The videos were shot in his office, with Tim talking right to camera. It became very apparent that Tim really knows a lot about his industry. During pre-production, I mentioned needing a teleprompter and was told that it wouldn’t be needed…and they were right. Tim really knows his stuff!

The video was shot in HD 1080 30p with a Sony EX-3 camera. The final destination for the video was to be the CBIZ website in an area for clients only. We cut the video with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, and exported out a Flash file and DVD for delivery. One part of the video that was really fun to work on was the opening. While speaking to my creative contact at CBIZ, Matt, we discovered that we’re both fans of the Guy Ritchie film, Snatch. And we loved the opening credits sequence. We wanted to do a small homage to the film and it’s opening in the intro to the Tim Unplugged videos.

You can watch the opening here:

CBIZ Special Risk Tim Unplugged Opening from Eric Addison on Vimeo.

We shot everything handheld, and in post slowed it down using the Time Re-Mapping tool in Premiere Pro. For the transition between the close up of Tim’s shoes and the shot of him walking, we froze the incoming and outgoing frame, changed the scale, and then did the animation inside Premiere Pro. Finally, all the clips were treated with Magic Bullet Looks.

For the final frame of the opening, we wanted to re-create the look from the Snatch opening where each of the characters had a freeze frame with their name and a colored background. For the CBIZ video, we created the background in Photoshop using a paper texture background from Video Co-Pilot’s Riot Gear set and then tinted it blue.

The next step was to take a still from the final frame of Tim before we went to the graphic. Using Photoshop, Tim’s image was isolated from the frame, treated to make it blue, and saved as an individual layer. Going into After Effects, all the elements (Tim’s treated image, the CBIZ logo, and text) were combined and animated, and then the finished project is imported back into Premiere Pro using the Dynamic Link feature.

After adding music, and a front graphic supplied by the client, the opening was done. It was a lot of fun to work on and 100 ACRE FILMS is happy to share it with you.

3 Responses to “CBIZ Special Risk Video Opening”

  1. August 16, 2010 at 10:13 pm, Matt said:

    Eric is great to work with. Very professional and, most importantly, a very creative videographer! Thanks for making this all happen!

    I recommend Eric and 100 Acre Films for any and all video projects. You will be very happy you went with a pro!

  2. October 24, 2010 at 3:26 pm, avid editor said:

    is it true that final cut pro is now more commonly used than avid? I love Avid but I also use FCP – to be honest I find avid is so much quicker to cut on, however I am finding there are so many more fop plugins available now. Opinions please!?

    • October 25, 2010 at 11:43 am, Eric said:

      It would depend on the market you’re talking about. If you’re talking about Hollywood-type production, Avid is king. FCP is finding its way into more and more productions, but most editors are still cutting on Avid. If you’re talking about other markets, FCP does have a very large presence there. But I don’t know for how much longer – Avid and Adobe are making a huge push with some great products and Apple has been very slow to respond. I think you’ll start to see a lot of FCP editors start to move over to something else if Apple doesn’t keep up.

      We use Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS5 here, and it’s an amazing NLE. In my opinion, FCP is old technology in comparison.